• Electra Bubble
    You can now view 3D models of our bath tubs Laguna Tornado and Ocean de Luxe. Other models will be added in the future.

    Availability of a 3D model for each bath tub is indicated with a 3D model icon on every bath tub detail page.

  • Royal Palace, Turčianske Teplice - a new luxurious 5 star hotel equipped with Ocean bath tubs, made by Chirana Progress.

  • Electra Bubble
    New optional equipment for our 4 chamber electrogalvanic bath tub Electra - air massage with 4x 13 jets.


2nd International Iranian Physiotherapy Association Congress


Link to congress site



Touch screen controls

You can now order new 4.3" touch screen controls in selected products.

4.3 inch

Due to the simplicity, comfort and positive feedback from our customers regardind the touch screen controls in our top models Ocean de Luxe, Ocean Forte PC and Laguna Tornado, we prepared this option also for our more affordable models.

At the moment, it is available in the following products:

    As standard equipment:

  • Ocean Standard
  • Ocean Forte
  • Cascade
  • Coral Lymfo
  • As optional equipment:

  • Laguna Plus
  • Laguna Bubble
  • Laguna Plus Bubble
  • Coral
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