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The device is intended for inhalation treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract disorders, all types of bronchitis and of other respiratory tract disorders without closer specification. By help of compressed air and nozzles, the inhalator generates mist of required structure, quality and quantity. The device has electro-pneumatic control.

Technical parameters

  Salijet Salijet Economy
Power input 80 VA 67 VA
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
Operating pressure ÷ 0,18 MPa
Compressed air volume (recommended) ÷ 50 l/min
Mist heating range 25 °C - 39 °C
Protection from electrical accident class I.
Protection by cover IP 41
Weight in kg 12 10,5
Dimensions (l x w x h) in mm 500 x 330 x 300 500 x 310 x 300

Standard equipment

  • generates three types of mist (wet, fine and mixed)
  • mist heating
  • inhalation treatment duration adjustment

Optional equipment

  • The design of the device allows to add the following modules to the basic outfit, thus, the scope of the inhalator's use and the efficiency of inhalation are extended significantly:
  • Manual Nebulizer module (mRN)
  • Nasal Shower module (mNS)*
  • Vibration Mode module (mVR)*
  • Pulse module (mI)*

The modules can be combined with each other, i.e. the device can be customized.

*/ Salijet only, not available for SalijetEconomy



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Salijet Economy
Salijet Economy
Salijet - príslušentsvo
Salijet - príslušentsvo
Salijet - príslušentsvo

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